Let's talk about #allthethings

Social media is in a constant state of change. Keeping up with the algorithms alone is enough to make your head spin.  Determining which platforms needs what,  and when, can drive the most organized person insane. Unless social media is your full time job (which as we know isn't because you're here), there just isn't enough brain or will power to know it all. Or to try to keep up. 

I've always said there is a little bit of a hot mess in all of us. I love that about you. It's actually a good sign that you're really good at what you do, but maybe not so good at this kind of stuff. Trying to keep up with the latest hashtags or keywords is exhausting. Feeling like you don't know where to focus your attention or having no idea what to say, where to post, when to do it is completely normal. Your blog has been neglected (or does it cease to even exist) for so long, people might have the opinion that you're not really working (are they crazy, you're ridiculously hard working and rarely have time for a vacation). None of these issues are your fault. They're a product of the everyday, do #allthethings business owner in us all. I want you to know that you can work a little less. You can get the excitement of your craft back . YOU CAN delegate the stuff you don't love! Starting with blogging and social media! 

I've been in your shoes.  When I was fresh out of college, I took a job for a brand-spanking-new hotel in my small town of St. Augustine. Before I knew it, I was growing them as a wedding destination. Before social media existed. Back when it was all about print + bridal shows.  I worked the 15 hour days. I cut & served cake. I helped florists set-up, DJs unload and caterers plate. I was in the trenches and I loved it. And I did it for years.  Then I made the bold move to leave the industry. Apparently the universe had different plans for me (you know how it is- you can't leave. It's a disease that stays with you. But if you're being honest, you're not really looking for a cure either)! So, here I am, many years later, marrying my love for the wedding industry and social media/content creation. 

I live & breath social so you don't have to!  And it's totally OK that you don't want to!  My ultimate goal is for my clients to feel a weight lifted from their shoulders. To know that I have your back. I am your cheerleader. I am your advocate. I am your social bestie. You have better things to do you. You create. You deliver. You put your heart into your clients. And I'm here to let everyone know, via social media, that this amazing business of yours isn't just here, but that you do really amazing things! 


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Hard time keeping up with it all?

The packages below were created for the busy business owner that has determined streamling systems and delegating are key for elevating and propelling their business even further. You've gone at it alone for awhile and it's time to bring in help (because you'd really love a weekend off). 

This option is for you if you work 25+ wedding per year. You have all the content you could ever need, but not the time to organize it, publish it or even think about it. When one event is done, you've moved on to the next one. You have a clear brand voice and understand your ideal client, but you're considering taking on fewer clients at a higher price point so you can give yourself a break.  You want consistency for your online efforts- because your employees or interns aren't "getting it". You'd rather not have to think about your social media or blog- you delight in getting (and having) things done

This option isn't for you if you're still in the early stages of building your business or are still determining your ideal client. If you don't have a solid word-of-mouth following or are averse to advertising or if you are working few than 25 events a year. 

Delegate package

This social media implementation package includes bi-monthly blogging and management of two social media profiles.


Ever wish you knew which platforms to use for you business, what to post on each and when to do it? Oh, and don’t forget about all the keywords, hashtags and search terms too. We have you covered with our content strategy and planning service. During a one-hour intensive, we’ll drill down on your business goals and objectives, then create a custom content & strategy document that will allow you to implement your social media plan with confidence.

Highlights Includes:

  • Custom hashtag research

  • Competition & market study analysis

  • SEO research

  • Market & industry research

  • Pinterest Overhaul

  • Custom quarterly content calendar suggestions

  • Launch call with recording

This package is great prep for DIY implementation or preparing to outsource to a social media manager.


Elevate package

This social media implementation package includes weekly blogging and management of three social media profiles.


Help you all get more clarity and feel more confident executing your plan.

On this one hour video call, we map out a content strategy & plan for the quarter, we help you implement tools to automate where possible and provide you a PDF checklists to assist you with the implementation post-call.

  • Define social media goals

  • Determine content pilliars

  • Discuss frequency for posting (and on which plaforms)

  • 15-minute Q&A

  • Call with recording

  • PDF Checklist


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Afraid to give up control? Baby steps more your speed?

We all know that copywriting isn't for everyone. It can be downright discouraging to look at an empty screen. Not know what to say or how to say it. Or not having time to even think about the subject matter because you have 1,000 other things to do. Your blog deserves your attention, but know how to format that photo or where to put that every important alt text is beyond your brain power at the moment. I get it. Which is why I have blogging levels  that cover everything from  "scratch made" content to image upload. I'll execute your blog strategy or plan  on a predictable, reliable and efficient schedule- so you don't have to. And if you don't have a plan, I have you covered there too! 

Getting your work seen is SO important in today's online landscape. A full circle marketing approach includes a healthy mix of social media, advertising, word of mouth, publications and so forth. Although there is no such thing as a free ride, "free publicity" and added SEO boost are just two of the reasons that submitting your work is vital for today's couple. 

These options are for you if you love flexibility, have "lulls" in your business when it's off season, you do fewer than 25 weddings a year, still want to have control of some of your online platforms,  and you're a little afraid of commitment. 

These options aren't for you if you like being overworked or aren't ready to give up perfection.





how it works

Let's talk Process...

So how does all of this work, you ask? It's easier than you think, I promise!

First, it is important to understand how often you should be posting to each respective platform for the maximum impact. This will help you determine just how much help you need to achieve an effective social media marketing plan. These numbers are constantly changing, but the current recommendations are:

  • Instagram: One post per day, minimum of four per week

  • Pinterest: Minimum of three, up to 30 times per day

  • Facebook: 5-15 posts per week.

  • Blogging: At least one per week with a mix of topics & real-events/portfolio updates

Quality over quantity is always encouraged! And an authentic deliverable is always better than posting for the sake of posting!

I'm happy to give you ALL the details and information you need to get us started on a virtual coffee chat. Just contact me below and I'll walk you through step-by-step!