Hello, there! Thanks so much for stopping by. Are you here because you feel a little bit like a hot mess in the social media or blogging arena? Do you have SO much to do that the last thing you want to deal with is the crazy world of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest? Has your blog been neglected (or does it cease to even exist)? Is business booming and you want the world to know/see it?  All of these things indicate it's time for you to let someone else take the reigns of your digital & content marketing efforts.

I specialize in social media management & content creation for wedding professionals. You see, I've been in your shoes.  When I was fresh out of college, I took a job for a brand-spanking-new hotel in my small town of St. Augustine. Before I knew it, I was growing them as a wedding destination. Before social media existed. Back when it was all about print + bridal shows.  I worked the 15 hour days. I cut & served cake. I helped florists set-up, DJs unload and caterers plate. I was in the trenches and I loved it. And I did it for years.  Then I made the bold move to leave the industry. Apparently the universe had different plans for me! So, here I am, many years later, marrying my love for the wedding industry and social media/content creation into a business that has exceeded my expectations.  

My ultimate goal is for my clients to feel a weight lifted from their shoulders. To know that I have them. I am your cheerleader. I am your advocate. I am your social bestie. You have better things to do you. You create. You deliver. You put your heart into your clients. And I'm here to let everyone know, via social media, that this amazing business of yours is here to stay.