FAQ answered: How do you convey my brand voice?

I often get asked how I'm able to emulate my client's unique brand voice on their social media or blog. I go about this in several ways (being a good listener helps). But I thought it might be fun to actually share with you how I might caption the same image for Instagram from a few different vendors perspectives first!

We'll get into brand voice more specifically in another post (stay tuned)! 

How a social media manager for wedding venue, wedding planner, wedding florist, wedding rentals works.  
Image courtesy of Kristyn Hogan from the Inspired Retreat

Wedding Planner: Ah! This set-up had me swooning! My team and I worked so hard to put together a casual, yet elegant tablescape for this intimate dinner in a stunner of a location. We used a patterned tablecloth for texture and color, minimal centerpieces (greenery + low monochromatic arrangements) to anchor the design and draw the eye in, and tied it all together with the menu card design (nestled in the prettiest of hemstitch napkins in crisp white). It was a dream!

Wedding Florist: You can't go wrong with greenery! When a setting is stunning on its own, sometimes simple is the answer. We used a subtle sprig of greenery down the center of the table as our base, adding low sight line arrangments every 3ish chairs. Arrangements were made with fluffy white hydrangea, petite green hydrangea, roses and more greenery. It was a 'fresh from the garden' feeling, which suited the venue perfectly!

Wedding Venue: Seriously, how gorgeous is this view from our patio?! Nothing beats communing with nature while dining with an intimate group of friends or family. Our patio is cozy, inviting and rustic. This family-style set-up works wonderfully and when the cool breeze hits you, we would argue that you can feel a little bit of heaven on earth!

Wedding & Event Rental Company: Oh my word. We know this view could take your breath away, but how about this table design?! Our French country chairs coordinated with the rustic setting so beautifully! And the pop of white from our napkins? So elegant! Our damask patterned linen is a favorite too! The color is subtle yet eye-catching!

And that's all she wrote! 

I'll admit, It is much easier for me to show my clients how I work instead of tell them- because proof is in the pudding, you know?  If you would like more samples of my contents, contact me here or head on over to my testimonials page to see some publication samples!