D&E is a company dedicated to delivering consistent content on your social media platforms. We offer social media management, publication submission and blogging services to the hospitality and wedding industries. We allow you to focus on what you do best- servicing your client.

Let me tell your story, while you make their dreams a reality!


Serena Waller, Founder

Experience: Serena began her career in the wedding industry as a catering sales manager. After several years working with venues, she moved into hospitality sales management where she helped train and develop sales leaders for fortune 500 companies. After settling into married life, she came back to the wedding industry via a publication company with a wedding magazine. During this time, she identified a need for industry professionals to develop and maintain a social presence for today's bride.  Consistently managing the social expectations of today's bride, while running a busy wedding business, is a challenge for even the most seasoned professionals. Serena is here to ease that burden. 

Personality: I'm a taco loving, nap obsessed, beer drinking Mama and wife that enjoys hiking, traveling, camping (but only in my camper, not a tent), yoga, flowers, organizing, reading, online shopping, dreaming big and most currently, Orange Theory Fitness. 

What I can do for you: 

#allthethings! Only kidding! My focus is on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging and submissions.  I have packages to help you maintain your platforms and I have packages that allow you to hand off the whole shebang to me.   So, if you need help with any of the below, let's chat about creating the perfect package for you! 

  • Facebook Maintenance and/or Management
  • Instagram Maintenance and/or Management
  • Pinterest Maintenance and/or Management
  • Blog Maintenance and/or Management 
  • Ghost Writing
  • Publication Submissions 
  • Vendor Outreach/Content Collection
  • Social Engagement
  • Website Copywriting
  • Virtual Assistance for Admin Tasks 

What I don't do:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter 
  • Email Marketing (but I know people) 
  • Deep dive strategy (again, I know people)

Monthly packages start at $275 per month and ala carte services (blogging, submissions, copywriting, etc) begin at $55. See, totally doable! Offload that weight from your shoulders. 

Shoot me over an email to serena@delegateandelevate.com for my full Services Overview document and/or Sample Work