How do I know if a social media manager is right for me?

So, curious if this is the right move for you and your business? And if Delegate & Elevate is the right fit for you?  I get it! Making an investment in your business should cause a little hesitation. After all, this is your baby that you're considering handing over to someone else!  So, ask yourself the following questions... 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the social media options available?
  • Does writing a blog post take you longer than an hour?
  • Do you hate writing? Or struggle to make the words come?
  • What blog? I haven't even started. And if I have started, it's been neglected for at least a year!
  • Are you guilty of going on a posting streak on your social platforms and then dropping off the radar for weeks or months at a time?
  • Do you want people to consider you knowledgeable in your industry segment?
  • Do you believe that building a community of like-minded business owners is important?
  • Do you have a consistent stream of business, but you could be busier?
  • Are you overwhelmed by content (lots of weddings, plenty of photos) but don't know where to start with curating, scheduling and posting?
  • Would you like to hear someone tell you "oh yeah, I saw this great article/post/photo on your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest page! I'd love to hear more about that event/more of your advice/see more from that gallery, etc"
  • Would you like to increase your non-existent social exposure? 
  • Do you have beautiful work that nobody has ever laid eyes on?
  • Is being published important to you?

If you answer yes to at least two or three of the above questions, then making this move IS good for you!   Let's have a conversation- if nothing else, you'll get a few tips for your search and gain some clarity on what they heck you need to do!