My favorite marketing articles

 I could write a book about the things I've picked up along the way about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Blogging + SEO. However, speaking frankly, my desire is to help you offload this task versus trying to learn it for yourself!  However, I do believe it is important for you to understand the marketing channels available to you and why you should be using them. As well as how other businesses are using them and the cornerstone principles for establishing and maintaining effective marketing principles.  So, as I brush up on my skills (because I dedicate a portion of every day to learning more), I'll add some of my favorite articles that I often reference in discussion below.

I used quite a few marketing programs and platforms. I'm a huge fan of BUFFER! Here is their Complete Guide to Instagram for Business. They laid this out so beautifully and spoke my language so accurately, I felt compelled to share it! I employ many of these techniques and approaches to my efforts (on behalf of my clients), so thought it was a worthy read for future clients.  

Custom support, especially via social media is a growing channel that you can't neglect. This article,  22 Customer Support Statistics ThatYou Absolutely Need to Know, is fascinating information! 

MeetEdgar is a great tool for reposting the content repeatedly, based on a pre-set schedule. Although I don't feel that this works for every business, it does for many. I happen to love the content on their blog more than their actual service (yep, I said it). This article  How to Create Your Own Social Media Style Guide is wonderful! Defining your voice and style is key unrolling any kind of social media. You can't unroll any kind of social media or business strategy without knowing who you are and what you want people to know about you!

Are millennials your market? Then this article, Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research   is a must read. And you may just be surprised by what it says. Hint, Facebook isn't dead!