Submission Talk- Tips for Getting PUBLISHED on Wedding Blogs!

Let's talk SUBMISSIONS! There is a myriad of reasons you should submit your work. From added credibility to exposure, reach (hello, SEO) and portfolio building, submissions are such an important part of the wedding business. I have yet to meet a couple that didn't check Pinterest, a wedding blog or consult google when planning their wedding. And you know who's work is getting seen? The ones that are using ALL of those platforms to their advantage. 

All that said, I recognize the process of submitting takes TIME. Which, you may not have a ton of. Not only do you have to curate the images (while also ensuring they're sized correctly), you need a complete vendor list (with websites, social media handles + email addresses), but often times, they have a plethora of questions you need to answer in addition to having a compelling write-up/summary about the couple & wedding day too. And that's truly just the tip of the iceburg. Don't forget about the hours of work you need to do before you press send to make sure you're submitting to the RIGHT publication. One that reaches your target couple, has readership in your geography AND gives you all the feel goods on social media (because if they aren't sharing your published feature on social, well, that's just crappy)

Recently, a new solution for many of these woes was introduced. Allow me to introduce you to MATCHOLOGY! This amazing tool was created by the Aisle Society editors, Matchology is a fast, effective new way of submitting your work to more than 30 of the world's top wedding blogs.

Now, to be totally transparent, there are several other tools I personally use as well for my submissions- including Two Bright Lights, Submittable, and direct-to-editors/via blog's site.  They each have their advantages and disadvantages.   

What I love about Matchology. It takes the guess work out of the "where"! Built-in matching technology will connect your event to the publications that are the best fit. Which a) saves time and b) you're more likely to get published (and more often too)!

Another awesome perk to this system is that they have a single questionnaire and universal submission requirements across all blogs. AND you can use one of your existing systems to send pictures- Dropbox (my fav), Pass, SmugMug or Pixieset. Hoola! 

Matchology’s dashboard also has auto-fill vendor crediting- which means if you submit weddings with many of the same vendors, you don't have to type in their info every single time. 

Once a submission is sent, you get an immediate email to confirm, as well as follow-up status emails. In the event of a decline, there is a one-click resubmission option (again, time saved!).

And for those of you worried about copyright issues, they have that covered too! 

The only downside to the tool, at this point, is that it is exclusive to Aisle Society blogs. They do regularly add new bloggers to their list of quality US and international publications (you can see here). So, if you only want to be published on The Knot or Style Me Pretty, this likely isn't a fit for you. However, if you want a more personal connection with the publications you submit to, the Aisle Society team is right up your alley. 

If you're sold, here is a treat, just for you! Get 20% off an annual Matchology subscription with the code SERENA20. (expires 8/31/17)  

How do I know if a social media manager is right for me?

So, curious if this is the right move for you and your business? And if Delegate & Elevate is the right fit for you?  I get it! Making an investment in your business should cause a little hesitation. After all, this is your baby that you're considering handing over to someone else!  So, ask yourself the following questions... 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the social media options available?
  • Does writing a blog post take you longer than an hour?
  • Do you hate writing? Or struggle to make the words come?
  • What blog? I haven't even started. And if I have started, it's been neglected for at least a year!
  • Are you guilty of going on a posting streak on your social platforms and then dropping off the radar for weeks or months at a time?
  • Do you want people to consider you knowledgeable in your industry segment?
  • Do you believe that building a community of like-minded business owners is important?
  • Do you have a consistent stream of business, but you could be busier?
  • Are you overwhelmed by content (lots of weddings, plenty of photos) but don't know where to start with curating, scheduling and posting?
  • Would you like to hear someone tell you "oh yeah, I saw this great article/post/photo on your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest page! I'd love to hear more about that event/more of your advice/see more from that gallery, etc"
  • Would you like to increase your non-existent social exposure? 
  • Do you have beautiful work that nobody has ever laid eyes on?
  • Is being published important to you?

If you answer yes to at least two or three of the above questions, then making this move IS good for you!   Let's have a conversation- if nothing else, you'll get a few tips for your search and gain some clarity on what they heck you need to do!  


My favorite marketing articles

 I could write a book about the things I've picked up along the way about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Blogging + SEO. However, speaking frankly, my desire is to help you offload this task versus trying to learn it for yourself!  However, I do believe it is important for you to understand the marketing channels available to you and why you should be using them. As well as how other businesses are using them and the cornerstone principles for establishing and maintaining effective marketing principles.  So, as I brush up on my skills (because I dedicate a portion of every day to learning more), I'll add some of my favorite articles that I often reference in discussion below.

I used quite a few marketing programs and platforms. I'm a huge fan of BUFFER! Here is their Complete Guide to Instagram for Business. They laid this out so beautifully and spoke my language so accurately, I felt compelled to share it! I employ many of these techniques and approaches to my efforts (on behalf of my clients), so thought it was a worthy read for future clients.  

Custom support, especially via social media is a growing channel that you can't neglect. This article,  22 Customer Support Statistics ThatYou Absolutely Need to Know, is fascinating information! 

MeetEdgar is a great tool for reposting the content repeatedly, based on a pre-set schedule. Although I don't feel that this works for every business, it does for many. I happen to love the content on their blog more than their actual service (yep, I said it). This article  How to Create Your Own Social Media Style Guide is wonderful! Defining your voice and style is key unrolling any kind of social media. You can't unroll any kind of social media or business strategy without knowing who you are and what you want people to know about you!

Are millennials your market? Then this article, Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research   is a must read. And you may just be surprised by what it says. Hint, Facebook isn't dead!